Series 10 motors are not available as HiAmp / LK version. Why?
Due to the relatively low currents when using series 10 motors HiAmp / LK is simply not necessary.

HiAmp - Why?
HiAmp means, that the wires of the stator windings are directly coming out of the motor case.
This provides a nearly loss respectively resistance free connection to the phase connectors of the controller (ESC).

What means LK?
LK comes from the German word LuftKühlung and means air cooling in English.
LK is an option for HiAmp motors. A fan wheel mounted on the motor shaft accelerates the air radially through the motor case. The airflow direction is from the backside (connector side) towards the frontside (shaft output side) of the motor.

Which number of poles?
All inrunners have 2 poles (1 Pole pair) all outrunners have 20 poles (10 pole pairs)

Which clock frequency value should I use?
We recommend 8 - 10 KHz.

Which motor timing value should I use?
This depends on the load (small load - low timing / heavy load - high timing).
A "compromise" clock value would be 10º - 15º.

Which motor shaft should I choose for my configuration?
To avoid vibrancy it is best to always choose the shortest possible shaft length.
For heavy mechanical load it is best to always choose the biggest possible shaft diameter.

Why should I use the LMT motor mount?
The LMT motor mount (clamping system) reduces vibrancy at high rpm.

Threads for mounting the motor
The fastening screw threads aren`t thread cutted, they are thread molded. This method enables a 30% higher strength for the threads.


  1. max. rpm:
    We guarantee the provided max. rpm 100%. Several Tests have shown, that short-term exceeding the max. rpm value up to 30% is not a problem for the motor.
  2. rpm is lower than provided:
    This is technically impossible! Please check your controller (ESC) settings or the programming of your transmitter.
  3. rpm is higher than provided:
    In this case the rotor is probably demagnetized (too much partially load). Please sent the motor to LMT.
    We will check and repair the motor for the lowest possible price.
  4. rpm under load:
    The rpm per Volt values we provide are, in opposite to those of our competitors, measured under load. You must calculate the value without load about 10% higher.

Type of controller (ESC)
Due to the concept of our motor construction the phase to phase sinus signal in "generator-mode" is nearly perfect. This signal is used by the controller (ESC) to work with.
A pure and noiseless sinus signal means the ideal precondition for every controller.
In fact our motor will work with almost every controller (ESC) on the market.