About LMT

The rapid techical Advances of the last 10 years gave the model builders new opportunities to take their hobby to perfection. Remote control, servos, chargers, etc., today all work with the latest processor technology, controlled by intelligent software. Rechargeable power sources, particularly the new LiPo cells, demand ever more powerful drive components, along with highly efficient and powerful e-motors and controllers.

Driven by our internal successes (4 world champion titles in different boat racing classes) we continuously improved our products, which enabled our customers to achieve approximately 70 world championship titles.

Mainly because of our refined manufacturing technologies, our motor series 10, 15, 19, 22, and 30 achieved an unmatched quality standard. This made possible a very high power throughput at high rpm values up to 100,000 rpm (series 10 and 15), 70,000 rpm (series 19), 50,000 rpm (series 22 and 30), which opens up new drive applications. Our combination of good manufacturing technology and unique flexibility in terms of windings and rpm range adaptation creates a uniquely optimized concept.

Our meanwhile certified manufacturing according to ISO 9001 opened up new areas like medical technology, military applications, automotive, etc.

We were also one step ahead with our motor controllers. The first sensorless motor-controller combination on the market achieved a world champion title already in August 1996. (The world champion title 1994 in Australia, class pylon, was still won with a brush motor type 2725/3n from our production line.)

Meanwhile this sensorless motor control technology has taken over model building worldwide and can be used with all of our motors.